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Associate Status Accreditation

An institution in Africa that is formally authorized by the appropriate higher education authority in the host country, on the basis of criteria that meet or exceed ACTEA standards, to grant diploma or degree qualifications, may be granted ACTEA Associate Status Accreditation upon completion of the process. Applications for Associate Status can be approved after submission of application; successful submission of institutional Self-Evaluation Report (SER) addressing specific ACTEA Standards; and hosting a Visitation Team (VT) who will be mandated to assess and approve the application.

The period of Accreditation lasts 8-10 years. To maintain Associate accreditation, the institution must submit an Annual Report showing how they are maintaining the accreditation standards.  Before the end of the 10-year term, preferably in the eighth year, the institution must begin the process of renewing its status through undergoing another comprehensive institutional Self-Evaluation and hosting a Visitation Team. An ACTEA staff member or its appointed ACTEA representative will also pay a visit approximately midway through the accreditation period, but the date of this visit will be worked out in advance with the institution, preferably to coincide with the re-evaluation period prescribed by the other accrediting agency.

The following are the financial obligations during Accreditation period with ACTEA:

1) Throughout the Accreditation period, the institution will pay 40% of the prescribed ACTEA Annual Accreditation fees provided in the Fee Policy (2018) as “Annual Participation Fees” calculated as follows:

  • Secondary Annual Fee = US$ 120.00 annual fee, and US$ 3.60 per student
  • Post-Secondary Fee = US$ 200.00 annual fee, and US$ 7.20 per student
  •  Post-Graduate Fee      = US$ 240.00 annual fee, and US$ 10.80 per student


2) The “Visitation Fee” at the time the institution is ready to host a Visitation Team for re-accreditation (to take place between 8th and 10th year in accreditation term) are as follows:

  • For Secondary Level = US$ 500.00 plus the hosting institution caters for both travel and accommodation expenses of the Visitation Team members
  • For Post-Secondary Level = US$ 750.00 plus the hosting institution caters for both travel and accommodation expenses of the Visitation Team members
  • For Post-Graduate Level = US$ 1000.00 plus the hosting institution caters for both travel and accommodation expenses of the Visitation Team members

In addition to the accreditation services, institutions accredited by ACTEA with Associate Status are represented at the ACTEA Council, the highest governance organ of the organization. Further, Associate Accreditation Status guarantees an institution secure place on ACTEA’s special mailing lists, including all issues of the ACTEA e-News. They are also guaranteed invitations to relevant ACTEA functions in their area, and ready access to other ACTEA programmes, facilities, and offers, as they become available.


What about an institution that is not ready for accreditation?

Such an institution may apply for Correspondent Status membership with ACTEA. The category implies that the institution is not yet a participant in ACTEA’s accreditation services but wishes to identify itself with the objectives and concerns of ACTEA generally, and to take advantage of ACTEA’s non-accreditation services. ACTEA Correspondent Members are required to make $120 contribution fee for the three year term.