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All files below are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
  1. Resources for COVID-19
  2. Resources for Theological Education & Training
  3. Networks of Theological Education and Training in Africa
  4. Six Trends, Six Issues, Six Proposals: Theological Education (TE) in Africa in the Face of the COVID-19 Pandemic
  5. A Check-List of Periodicals for Theological Libraries in Africa (1979)
  6. Scaling Up Theological Training in Africa’ by AEA 
  7. Towards Transformational Theology and Theological Education in Africa
  8. Books on Islam: A Selected List for Theological Libraries in Africa (1979)
  9. Christianity in Africa: A Check-List of Books in Print (1982)
  10. Survey of Textbooks used in Theological Colleges in Africa (1983)
  11. Independent-Study Theological Courses at Post-Graduate Level (1985)
  12. ACTEA Opinion Survey of Theological Educators in Africa (1986)
  13. ACTEA Curriculum Survey of Theological Schools in Africa (1987)
  14. Africana for Theological Libraries in Africa (150 pages)
  15. New Light on Theological Education in Africa (Bowers) (1989)
  16. The Future of ACTEA (Tiinou) (1991)
  17. ACTEA Guide to Institutional Self-Evaluation at the Primary Level (1991)
  18. The Future of ACTEA: A Reappraisal (Cole) (1995)
  19. Review of ACTEA Programmes and Services (1995)
  20. More Light on Theological Education in Africa (Bowers) (1996)
  21. Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion: Basic Recommended Holdings for Theological Libraries in Africa (Phillips) (1997)
  22. Byang H. Kato: A Bibliography (Breman) (1997)
  23. Caring for the Graduates of our Theological Colleges (Pell) (1998)
  24. Understanding Accreditation in Theological Education (2002)
  25. Extending the Fence: Suggestions for the Future of TEE in Africa (Turley) (2002)
  26. Learning Contracts in Theological Institutions (Gehman) (2003)