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ACTEA Standards for Accreditation

ACTEA offers academic accreditation services at the post-graduate, the post-secondary, and the secondary levels, in order to provide a sound basis for international academic recognition for such programmes. Accreditation services are also available for the doctoral level. About one-sixth of all ACTEA schools are involved with ACTEA’s accreditation services.

ACTEA’s published accreditation standards and procedures apply a range of requirements in keeping with accepted international academic norms. This includes extensive self

study, and detailed on-site assessment by external examiners. Ongoing compliance is also strictly monitored.

The following are the five key areas of focus in ACTEA accreditation process:

  • Administration – e.g. governance, mission, institutional stability, finances, among others.
  • Teaching staff – e.g. qualifications, Africanization, teaching workload, welfare, among others.
  • Facilities – e.g. adequate physical facilities, library holdings, among others.
  • Educational Programme – e.g. contextual and relevance curriculum, admission standards, length of programme, among others.5. Students – e.g. community life; spiritual formation; discipline; fees; among others.

Accreditation Standards and Self-Evaluation:

During the Candidacy Status and during the re-accreditation of the institution in the 8th-10th year of full accreditation, the institution undertakes its institutional self-evaluation, based on the standards and the “ACTEA Guide to Institutional Self-Evaluation.”  This is followed by the Visitation.