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Free Access to JSTOR Journals on the Internet
An exciting development is taking place with regard to access for African schools to scholarly journals through the internet. All theological schools in Africa will welcome this announcement.


JSTOR has agreed to make their entire collection of online journals freely accessible to schools and non-profit institutions in Africa. The Open Africa programme began this week. Originally a project of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation in New York City, JSTOR was established as an independent not-for-profit organization in 1995. JSTOR has a dual mission to


(1) create a trusted digital archive of important scholarly literature.

(2) to extend access to that archive as broadly as possible throughout the world.


There are now more than 2,700 participating institutions, located in 102 countries, using the archive. It is important to understand that this archive does not contain the most recent current issues. The collections do, however, contain the full back runs of the journals from Volume 1, Issue 1 to, for example, the last two to five years. The entire collection contains 620 journal titles including representation from a wide variety of subjects.


Among those titles most significant for theological schools in Africa are:

    • Africa:  Journal of the International African Institute
    • African Affairs
    • African Arts
    • African Issues
    • African Languages and Cultures. Supplement
    • African Studies Review
    • Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
    • Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies
    • Canadian Journal of African Studies
    • Church History
    • Cultural Anthropology
    • Demography
    • Ethnomusicology
    • Greece & Rome
    • The Harvard Theological Review
    • History in Africa
    • History of Religions
    • The International Journal of African Historical Studies
    • Islamic Law and Society
    • The Jewish Quarterly Review
    • Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion
    • Journal of African Cultural Studies
    • The Journal of African History
    • Journal of African Law
    • Journal of Biblical Literature T
    • he Journal of Conflict Resolution
    • Journal of Hellenic Studies
    • The Journal of Higher Education
    • Journal of Law and Religion
    • Journal of Marriage and the Family
    • The Journal of Modern African Studies
    • The Journal of Philosophy
    • The Journal of Religion
    • Journal of Religion in Africa
    • Journal of Roman Studies
    • Journal of Southern African Studies
    • Journal of the American Academy of Religion
    • Novum Testamentum
    • Review of Educational Research
    • Studia Islamica
    • Vetus Testamentum
    • Vigiliae Christianae
    • Welt des Islams.


For those schools in Africa which do not yet have internet access for their libraries, potential access to this new programme may provide the impetus to provide such. Certainly all ACTEA-related schools are encouraged to participate in this programme.


For more information about JSTOR, including a complete list of available journals, visit www.jstor.org


For further information about participation in JSTOR’s Open Africa Program, please contact participation@jstor.org