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Our Leadership Structure

ACTEA’s Leadership Structure is organized at two distinct levels: 


Governance Level
This is the ACTEA Council. This is the governance organ made up of one (1) representative from each of ACTEA’s fully accredited institutions. ACTEA’s Executive Director is the secretary to the Council. The General Secretary of AEA is an
ex-officio member of the ACTEA Council. The ACTEA Council meets annually and is the Board of Control of the organization. The Executive Committee (ExCo) is delegated by the Council to oversee the ongoing work of ACTEA management and its overall operations. The Executive Council members include: The Council Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary (Executive Director), and Treasurer, and two co-opted members representing Francophone and Lusophone regions of Africa. 


Management Level
This is the day-to-day running of ACTEA affairs is done by ACTEA staff under the leadership of the Executive Director.