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Our Mission

ACTEA is a ministry of The Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) having been constituted as a project of its Theological and Christian Education Commission (TCEC) in 1976.


ACTEA’s mission is to strengthen theological education through accreditation, scholarship, and support services to serve the church and transform society.  


Our vision is of a vibrant African Church transforming society.


ACTEA embraces five Core Values:


    • Evangelical faith: To fortify theological education in Africa and for Africa, that identifies with the evangelical faith. 
    • Professional excellence: To intensify commitment to quality among theological educators and their respective institutions, especially through accreditation services.
    • Church orientation: To unite theological educators and their institutions in service of the church in Africa and among Africans globally.
    • Contextual relevance: To engage theological educators and church leaders in addressing relevant issues facing the church and society in Africa through consultations, research, and publications. 
    • Strategic collaboration: To collaborate with continental and global partners in providing support services for institutions running theological programs including Christian universities.