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2023 ACTEA General Assembly

This consultation has been organized by the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) in partnership with ACTEA.  AEA, along with several strategic theological and training organizations, have committed to working together to reach a 20% increase in trained pastors and church leaders across Africa in three years.

The Three-Year Goal:
To Biblically and Theologically Train 20% More Untrained and Undertrained Pastors and Church Leaders across Africa in the next three years primarily by using non-formal curricula to extend and scale up rapidly the reach of the existing formal and nonformal biblical training that already exists.

Focus of this Consultation:
To initiate conversation between 30 Seminaries and Bible Colleges and 50 Non-Formal Curricula Providers and to mobilize their organizational resources, reach, influence and resulting impact to scale up non formal theological and biblical training by partnering together to accomplish the three-year goal above.


The cost of this consultation, accommodation plus meals for 3 days is $ 330 per person. The cost for daily scholars for 3 days is $195 per person. (Accommodations not included). Details regarding payment will follow registration.