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Application Guidelines to the Correspondence Status

An institution engaged in theological education in Africa may, on request, be registered by ACTEA as a ‘Correspondent Member.’ The category implies that the institution is not yet a participant in ACTEA’s accreditation services, but wishes to identify itself with the objectives and concerns of ACTEA generally, and to take advantage of ACTEA’s non-accreditation services.

ACTEA correspondent institutions are guaranteed a secure place on ACTEA’s special mailing lists, including all issues of the ACTEA eNews. They are also guaranteed invitations to relevant ACTEA functions in their area, and ready access to other ACTEA programmes, facilities, and offers, as they become available.

The request to be listed as a ‘correspondent’ carries with it a firm commitment by the institution to respond promptly and cooperatively to all inquiries and questionnaires which ACTEA may send in. The category of ‘correspondent’ implies nothing about the academic standing or credibility of the institution.

‘Correspondent’ status is limited to bona fide institutions and/or programmes of theological education in Africa, working at secondary, post-secondary, or post-graduate level, which identify themselves generally with historic evangelical orthodoxy.

Institutions must renew their listing with ACTEA every three years. Applicants and institutions renewing their Correspondent Status are asked to contribute US$ 120 with their application to help defray ACTEA costs for non-accreditation services.