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Candidacy Status Accreditation

An institution in Affiliate Status may be granted Candidacy Status upon application. Applications for Candidacy can be approved when it is determined that an institution is capable of meeting five core ACTEA standards within a four-year period. The standards encompass administration, teaching staff, facilities, educational programmes, and students. During Candidacy, the institution does its self-evaluation based on the ACTEA Standards and the “ACTEA Guide to Institutional Self-Evaluation” culminating with Self-Evaluation Report (SER) document. This is followed by the Visitation Team to the institution which will assess and determine whether or not the institution should be awarded full accreditation status.

There is no application fees for Candidacy Status. However, the institution continues to meet its financial obligations within the following applicable “Annual Participation Fees”:

    • Secondary Annual Fee = US$ 300.00 annual fee, and US$ 3.60 per student
    • Post-Secondary Fee    = US$ 500.00 annual fee, and US$ 7.20 per student
    • Post-Graduate Fee   = US$ 600.00 annual fee, and US$ 10.80.00 per student

Once granted Candidacy Status, an institution must ensure that it achieves full accreditation within a four year period after successfully meeting the conditions described in the preceding paragraphs which includes but are not limited to completing and submitting the Self-Evaluation Report (SER).

In addition to the accreditation services, Candidacy Status guarantees an institution a secure place on ACTEA’s special mailing lists, including all issues of the ACTEA eNews. They are also guaranteed invitations to relevant ACTEA functions in their area, and ready access to other ACTEA programmes, facilities, and offers, as they become available.