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Institution Details

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Detail the space and size of the Library to include the number of library materials in various categories, such as, journals/periodicals, references, special collections, and general collection sections.

Data on 3 Core Academic Standards

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Give a list of all students enrolled in the institutions for the last two years and their entry level qualifications. Show in a comparative table how these compares with the national standards of student admission into post-secondary study programmes as set by the government's national accrediting agency in the country where your institution is located.

Provide a list of names and academic qualifications of regular teaching staff, both full-time and part-time. This should include the institutions where they obtained their academic certificates/degrees and courses they teach.

Provide the Name(s) of the academic programme(s) offered at the institution to which you are seeking accreditation. Then, provide details of the number of students enrolled in each programme, the length of each programme in years, the academic entrance requirements, and the language of instruction.

Administrative Information

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A copy of the signed Minutes of the Governing Board of the institution approving the application for accreditation with ACTEA

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