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Receive warm greetings from ACTEA!!

This edition of the Newsletter shows you our valued reader how 2016 started off on a high note for ACTEA. During the successful ICETE meeting held in Antalya, Turkey, in November, 2015, in which I and ur Executive Administrative Assistant Florence Kagwamba attended, we met several heads of theological institutions from Africa. It was during these meetings and interactions that 5 Nigerian institutions invited ACTEA to visit them for assessment in early- to mid-January 2016.

We left Nairobi on 10 th January 2016 for Lagos, Nigeria. It is worth mentioning here that Nigeria as a country holds such a special place for both ACTEA and its parent organization, Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) because they are home to Dr Byang Kato, Dr Tokunboh Adeyemo, and Rev. Dr. Daniel Bitrus who served as General Secretaries of AEA. While Dr Byang Kato founded ACTEA in 1976, Dr Adeyemo who followed him was the long-serving General Secretary of AEA from 1977 to 2001 and Bitrus from 2003 to2005.

Dr. Byang H. Kato was the first African General Secretary of AEA and an outspoken critic of the dangers of syncretism and universalism in the African Church. It was during his tenure that AEA set up a fund under its Theological and Christian Education Commission to promote quality theological training for evangelical Africans within the African continent. It is in this spirit that he initiated the founding of ACTEA in 1976 and since then ACTEA continues to passionately establish and implement standards for quality theological education throughout the continent.

Tokunboh Adeyemo faithfully served the Lord Jesus Christ as the General Secretary of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa (AEA) from 1977 to 2001. He oversaw the historic and monumental volume African Bible Commentary, a commentary with contributions from 70 African scholars.

This edition of the Newsletter also provides you information on visits by ACTEA staff and accreditation members to institutions in Nigeria, Kenya, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. We also share report of GATE workshop, prayer requests of our member institutions, and upcoming events for your prayer partnership.

And finally, in this Newsletter, we list and congratulate the institutions in Kenya and Nigeria who following recent assessment visitations have been awarded ACTEA Affiliate accreditation. Wishing you and enjoyable reading of this edition of ACTEA Newsletter!

Rev Dr Emmanuel Chemengich


In January, 2016, we visited the following 9 Institutions: 6 new institutions seeking ACTEA accreditation and 3 current ACTEA member institutions. We praise the Lord that this was such a successful trip for ACTEA organization and we believe for hosting institutions as well.

We also register our deep appreciation to each of these institutions for their warm hospitality and cooperation extended to ACTEA staff during these visits!

Baptist Theological College (BCT), Lagos.

The first institution that we visited in Nigeria on 10 th of January was Baptist Theological College which started in 1987 as a constituent campus of Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary (NBTS), Ogbomoso- the Largest ACTEA Institution. They applied for ACTEA Affiliate status end of 2015.

LIFE Theological Seminary (LTS), Ikorodu.

LIFE Theological Seminary in, Ikorodu. Its Provost, Dr Cletus Orgu, is a member of ACTEA Executive Committee. LTS moved into the Candidacy Status last year and are now working on putting together their Self-Evaluation Report. ACTEA staff walked them through the process detailing what they need to do to start and finish successfully this process.

Melchisedec Graduate Bible Academy (MELBAC), Lagos.

The second new institution to be visited was Melchisedec Graduate Bible Academy which was founded on October 15, 1995 and located in Lagos, Nigeria. They had applied for the Affiliate Status. In the first picture, ACTEA staff with Dr John Daniel, MELBAC’s Principal, and the second picture is ACTEA Executive Director speaking to the Principal and staff of MELBAC.

Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS), Jos

The Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS) was founded by the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in 1980 and is located in Jos, Nigeria. They had applied for Affiliate Status.

JETS has a rich historical connection with ACTEA. In the first place, its library is named after the founder of ACTEA, Dr Byang Kato. And JETS also became the home of ACTEA’s office for several years in 1980s.

Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN), Jos.

The Theological College of Northern Nigeria began in February 1959. The College is situated about 15 kms from Jos, the capital of Plateau State. In the photo above are, ACTEA staff with TCNN Principal, Prof. Tersur Aben (centre) and management staff!

United Missionary Church of Africa Theological College (UMCATC), Ilorin.

This is one of our member institutions that we visited to check on how they were doing. They were delighted to have a visit from ACTEA staff and settle some in-house matters. In the photo is UMCATC Principal, Dr. Peter Awojobi

ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI).

The ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) was established in 1941 by Rev. Dr. William G. Crouch, an American Missionary who came to Nigeria through the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM), now Society for International Ministry, a non-denominational faith mission working in Nigeria since 1893. It was then known as SIM Bible College, Igbaja. This was the Seminary that Dr. Byang Kato first graduated from.

Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary (NBTS), Ogbomoso.

After meeting with us and hearing of ACTEA services to institutions, they invited us to assess their institution for consideration toward ACTEA Accreditation. Methodist Theological Institute (MTI), Sagamu, Lagos.

This was the last institution that we visited in Nigeria. ACTEA Staff did an assessment late evening into the night on their way to Lagos airport from Ogbomoso. Because of their interest, we included them into our plans. We also gave power-point presentation to its management staff on vital information on ACTEA services and its benefits for MTI.


The GATE (Global Associates for Transformational Education) was held at the Resurrection Gardens in Karen, Nairobi, on 11 th – 14 th April 2016, for the faculty of two institutions. However, only one participated, that is, Africa International University (AIU) and they numbered 20 faculty members. The meeting was facilitated by Dr Bob Ferris and Dr John Jusu. The event was also a training forum for 10 GATE workshop facilitators from Kenya and Ethiopian who will carry on these workshops to faculties of countries.


ACTEA Director, Emmanuel Chemengich, , Accreditation Officer, Mateso Akou, and Executive Administrative Assistant, Florence Kagwamba, , visited 4 institutions in Western Kenya from 14th to 19 th March. The Team did assessment for Kapsabet Bible College following their application for Affiliate Status. The institution is sponsored by Africa Inland Church and located in Kapsabet in the green, tea-growing landscapes of Nandi County. The “Accreditation Committee” is currently reviewing its assessment report and then cast their vote before results are communicated to the institution within the next one month.

This Team also visited the following three ACTEA member institutions: Kima International School of Theology, Kima (KIST); Friends Theological College, Kaimosi (FTC), and Africa Theological Seminary, Kitale (ATS). We ask you to pray for KIST and FTC institutions as they undergo the comprehensive self-evaluation process toward producing Self-Evaluation Report in readiness for hosting the Visitation Teams next year. This Team finalized their visitation with tour of and participation in a colorful graduation ceremony of ATS. Our own Mateso Akou spoke at their graduation banquet on the eve of graduation day.


ACTEA Executive Director visited one of our member schools in Liberia, the Liberian Baptist Theological Seminary, in Monrovia city. The earlier planned visit to this institution had been postponed due to the Ebola crisis that affected this nation in the recent years. He had opportunity to pray with LBTS community for victory over the effects and challenges of Ebola and also prepared its leadership team for the self-evaluation process which they have began undertaking with great enthusiasm.


ECT is one of our member institutions that is based in Freetown, Sierra Leone. It was opened on the 12 th October 1964 as the Sierra Leone Bible College. It continued to operate under that name until 1999 when the Board of Governors changed the name to, The Evangelical College of Theology (TECT). The ACTEA accredited programs are the Bachelor of Theology and the Diploma of Theology. TECT had applied for re-accreditation to renew their full accreditation status, which is done after every 10 years. ACTEA’s five-member Visitation Team (VT) to The Evangelical College of Theology (TECT) took place from 25 th to 29 th April, 2016. The Team Leader was Dr Rich Stuebing and VT member were, Dr Emmanuel Chemengich, Dr John Jusu, Dr Cletus Orgu, and Mrs Florence Kagwamba. The VT members endured hot weather of Freetown and completed successfully their one-week task for the re-accreditation of TECT.


We in ACTEA are delighted to report the good news that following successful assessment exercises and vote by ACTEA’s Accreditation Committee, the following four (4) new institutions were awarded ACTEA’s Affiliate Status accreditation between February and April, 2016;

  1. Bible College of East Africa (BCEA) in Nairobi, Kenya for its Diploma of Theology and Advanced Diploma in Theology.
  2. Baptist College of Theology (BCT) in Lagos, Nigeria, for its Diploma in Theology, Diploma in Religious Education, Bachelor of Theology, and Bachelor of Religious Education academic programmes.
  3. ECWA Theological Seminary, Igbaja (ETSI) in Igbaja, Nigeria for the following academic programmess
  • 3 Diploma Programmes: Diploma in Theology; Diploma in Pastoral Studies; and Diploma in Christian Religious Studies
  • 1 Bachelors Programme: Bachelor of Arts (in 5 concentrations, namely, Theology; Christian Education; Pastoral Studies; Missions & Evangelism; and Christian Education);
  • 1 Masters Programme: 1 Master of Arts (in 6 Concentrations, namely, Systematic Theology; Missions & Evangelism; Pastoral Studies; Old Testament; New Testament; and Christian Education);
  • 1 Doctoral Programme: Doctor of Ministry (in 3 Concentrations, namely, Pastoral Care & Counseling; Pulpit Ministry; and Church Administration).

4. Mauritian Bible Theological Institute (MBTI) in Mauritius, for its Certificate of Theology and Diploma of Theology.


If your institution has not submitted reports and applicable fees for year 2014/2015 and 2015/16, please remember to do so as soon as possible. (Note: All ACTEA institutions should have received their annual notices by now!!). This is one way of keeping institutions accountable to the ACTEA Standards we have mutually agreed to maintain. You can do this by, completing and sending your institution’s Annual Report and Annual applicable Fees for 2015/2016, a requirement for ACTEA institutions, and ensure that you make this report a high priority and send it to: adm.ass@acteaweb.org, with a copy to: actea.africa@gmail.com and adm.ass.actea@gmail.com.

Further, if your institution has any pending annual reports ensure that you send this Report as soon as possible. Finally, for the institutions with debts or arrears, kindly plan to clear it soon and communicate the same or your intended action plan to ACTEA office.

As you prepare to send your institutional payments, here are a few important guidelines to ensure successful payment transactions without problems: First, it is important to notify ACTEA office by email when funds are sent because sometimes it can be difficult to tell the source of a fund wire transfer that appears on the bank account statement.

Secondly, payments by cheque or wire transfer, should be payable to, “ACTEA”. But Bank deposits, or Wire transfers, should be made to the following ACTEA bank account details in Kenya:

The wire transfer details are:

Bank Name: CFC Stanbic Bank

Account Name: AEA / ACTEA

Account Number US$ (Dollar): 0100003273557

Branch: Upper Hill Medical Centre

Swift Code: SBICKENX

Cheques can be mailed to: ACTEA Executive Director; P.O. Box 49332-00100, Nairobi, Kenya.

If by delivery courier servicesuse the following Physical address: ACTEA Executive Director, AEA Building, Valley Road, Nairobi. Kenya. Tel.: (254) 020-272-2769/ 0721571549.