Christmas 2022 / New Year 2023

Christmas 2022 + New Year 2023

Greetings from the new ACTEA office!  Welcome to a virtual tour of ACTEA’s new and modern office!

On this third day of Christmas, the ACTEA Staff wishes you a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with growth and purpose!

The 25th of December is the traditional date celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. Today there are many who say that the celebration of Christmas is “pagan” — meaning that the Church simply took a practice of traditional religions (African, Asian, and European) and continued the old non- Christian observations, such as the old Roman Saturnalia, under a new name — Christ’s Maes (festival) or Christ’s Mass. “Christmas is just syncretism!”, they say.  But the origins of Christmas are explicitly Christian and represent faithful contextual theology.  What’s the history of this?  And how do we contextualize celebration of the coming of Jesus in African Christianity?

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