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Candidacy Status accreditation application form

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Administrative and Academic Information

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State the exact academic entrance requirements used by your institution for each of the ACTEA-accredited study programme(s). Show how your institution's academic entrance requirements for all post-secondary study programmes match the principal written requirements for your country's national, government accrediting agency for post-secondary education. Provide documentation of such post-secondary College or University entrance requirements. Offer any explanations necessary for someone not familiar with the educational system of your country.

List all academic programmes offered by your school, identifying each by name of the credential awarded (e.g., Bachelor of Theology), and specify from among these programmes, those accredited by ACTEA. For each ACTEA-accredited academic programme, state: (a) its name; (b) its length in years and in weeks per year (explain residential requirements for part-time programmes); and (c) number of students currently enrolled in the programme.

Provide list of all teaching staff for the current and the previous academic year who taught students in all ACTEA-accredited study programmes. Include full-time, part-time, and visiting teaching staff. For each teaching staff member state: (a) nationality; (b) full details of all post-secondary academic qualifications [name of credential, granting institution, year awarded]; (c) whether full-time, part-time, or visiting staff; and (d) in which academic programme(s) each teaches

Indicate, (a) the number of volumes in your regular library collection; (b) the number of periodical subscriptions currently received (append a list of the titles); and (c) the number of books accessioned during each of the past three years. Omit any textbook collection in your figures.

State your institution's income and expenditure, both budgeted and actual, in US Dollar equivalent, for each of the past three years. Indicate what percentage of your income has an African origin for each of the three years. Separate these figures from those for capital development projects.

Endorsing the Application

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