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Affiliate/Provisional Recognition and Candidate Institutions 2022/2023

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Accredited status

The date and year your ACTEA status was received (note that four years at one level is the normal maximum allowable period of time before moving to the next level);

This Report should cover the last completed academic year. State the dates for beginning and end of the academic year being reported


Report all changes in regular teaching staff during the academic year being reported. For each new staff (including part-time and adjunct), provide full academic data (including all post-secondary credentials with name of credential, year of award, and granting institution). For departing staff, state official reason for departure.


(a) The number of volumes in the regular library collection at the end of the report year; (b) The number of books relating to Africa in the regular collection (also state this as a percentage of the total books in the regular collection) at the end of the report year;

Give a condensed report (one paragraph) on all activities or efforts during the report year concerned with review of the institutional objectives, curricular programme, or graduate achievement, together with resulting adjustments planned or implements (in relation to ACTEA Standards 1a, 1d, 4e, 4h). Institutions accredited only at secondary level may respond respecting Standards 4d, 4f only.

Report any major changes during the year being reported in the educational programme(s) that are seeking accreditation, including curriculum, programme length, and credential.

For the year being covered by this Report, state the number of students in each educational programme that is seeking accreditation. (For part-time students you may calculate a “full-time equivalency” provided you explain how the equivalency is being calculated.)

State whether every admission in the report year to a programme seeking accreditation has conformed entirely to ACTEA requirements for entrance standards. Identify all mature entry admissions and the basis for these admissions.

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