There are basically THREE STEPS in ACTEA accreditation process. Here is the formal outline of the accreditation process


This is the first stage in ACTEA accreditation process and is granted once an institution meets three core academic standards, relating to admissions, teaching staff qualifications, and length of programme. The governing board of the school must also formally declare its intention to pursue accreditation with ACTEA.

Usually ACTEA does not approve Affiliate status unless the ACTEA staff does on-site assessment visit to the institution. However, ACTEA office may choose to send its representative from a closer location. The institution would be responsible for the travel and accommodation costs of ACTEA staff or representative associated with this visit.

The application fee for this status (payable upon approval) is: US$1,125 for Post-graduate level; $750 for Post-secondary level and $375 for secondary level.

Thereafter, the annual institutional 'participation fee' and 'per student fee' is applicable and continues throughout the Candidacy and Accreditation phases as follows:

            - For Post-Graduate institutions: annual participation fee of $600 plus $10.80 per student;

            - For Post-Secondary institutions: annual participation fee of $500 plus $7.20 per student;  

            - For Secondary institutions: annual participation fee of $300 plus $3.60 per student.

Affiliate Status gives an institution full, but provisional, academic recognition by ACTEA. Affiliate Status may last as long as four years at which time institution must move to Candidacy Status.


Application for candidacy can be approved when it is determined that the institution can meet all of the ACTEA accreditation Standards contained in the booklet, “ACTEA Standards and Guidelines for Self-Evaluation” within a four year period. During candidacy, the institution does its institutional self-evaluation, basedon the standards and the “ACTEA Guide to Institutional Self-Evaluation.”  This is followed by the official Visitation event.

There are no financial obligations at Candidacy Status except the annual participation fee effected at the Affiliate stage. That is, $600 participation fee plus $10.80 per student for Post-Graduate institutions; $500 participation fee plus $7.20 per student for Post-Secondary institutions; and $300 participation fee plus $3.60 per student for Secondary institutions.


After successful Visitation Team exercise, institution is granted full accreditation status. This period of accreditation lasts for 10 years.  Every year during the accreditation term, the institution submits an 'Annual Report', showing how they are maintaining the accreditation standards, and applicable fees.  

In the eighth year in the accreditation term, the institution begins the process of renewing its accreditation status through another institutional Self-Evaluation and Visitation.

The financial obligation during accreditation or re-accreditation stage is effected at the time of the Visitation exercise. The Travel and accommodation costs of the Visitation Team members will be catered for by the hosting institution.