• Institutional Leadership Transitions: Pray for wisdom and grace upon the new leaders of ACTEA member institutions as they assume leadership responsibilities in their respective institutions, specifically, JMU, Zambia; ISTEL, Angola; USB, DR Congo; KIST, Kenya; UMCATC, Nigeria; WATS, Nigeria; ATS, Kenya; and ETS, Kagoro, Nigeria.
  • Fundraising to purchase Office space for ACTEA - Pray for the ongoing fund-raising towards the purchase of ACTEA’s office property. Kindly inform us of any partners that may be work with us toward achieving this goal for our own office space and to rent the rest for income needed to fund ACTEA operations.  If you would like to partner with us in giving please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Click here to leave your information and we will get back to you.

Upcoming meetings

Note and pray for the success of the following upcoming and held meetings:

  • Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE): Combined Nairobi and Ethiopia GATE: 7th -10th February 2018.
  • International Programme for Academic Leadership (IPAL): 27thFeb-2nd March 2018.
  • The 15th International Theological Education Conference 2018 (ITEC) hosted by NBTS, Ogbomoso, Nigeria: 8th - 9th March 2018, Executive Director Emmanuel will be among the Guest Speakers.
  • Executive Director Assessment visit to 2 Nigerian institutions: Methodist Theological Institutes in Sagamu and Umuahia respectively.
  • Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE), Nigeria: 10th- 14th March 2018.
  • Dr. Dwight Singer, ACTEA Networking Officer’s assessment visit to 1 Nigerian institution: 19th- 20th March 2018.
  • Assessment Visit to assess a programme at Africa College of Theology (ACT): April/May, 2018.
  • Global Theological Initiative (GTI) sponsored by White Horse Inn and ACTEA: 19th – 21st July 2018. This is a post-doctoral forum for schools from 9 countries in East and Horn of Africa.
  • ACTEA Council Meetings: 25th - 27th October 2018 and to take place in Nigeria.
  • ICETE C-18: This Global Consultation will be held in Panama City, Panama, from 29th Oct - 2nd Nov 2018. All are encouraged to plan early to attend in order to reduce flight costs. To Register Here: Click Here . To Watch 2015 Antalya Video: Click here

Visitation Team Events to:

  • Shiloh Bible College Ethiopia (SBCE) scheduled for 7th-11th May 2018
  • Evangelical Theological College (ETC) scheduled for 15th to 19th October 2018
  • Ethiopian Full Gospel Theological Seminary (EFGTS) scheduled for 5th to 9th November 2018.