ACTEA is a ministry of  The Association of Evangelicals of Africa (AEA) having been constituted as a project of its Theological and Christian Education Commission (TCEC) in 1976. ACTEA offers accreditation service and network and support service for evangelical theological education in Africa. The central purpose of ACTEA is to assist evangelical theological schools and programmes throughout Africa in their quest for excellence and renewal.

ACTEA seeks to achieve this by:

(i) Offering academic accreditation services in order to stimulate the improvement and standardization of such programmes, and wherever possible, secure academic recognition for such programmes.  Accreditation service is offered at the post-graduate, the post-secondary, and the secondary levels.

(ii) Serving as a medium for contact and collaboration among these institutions and programmes and providing various resources and support services for them.

Since its founding in 1976, ACTEA has become widely accepted for its services to theological education on the continent. More than 150 theological colleges and programmes in Africa are now officially affiliated with ACTEA